Thursday, November 7, 2013

Confirmation/ Class for Teens

Meets at 5:30 pm on Tuesday evenings in Bay City.  Call Pastor Amy for more information

Below is a synopsis and invitation for all those interested:

Confirmation Class: A Class for Teens with Questions about God

This is a class led by Pastor Amy and parents, or those who stand in place of parents (grandpa, grandma, aunts etc).  The parents attend each class and work alongside Pastor Amy and the youth. 

What we do:

We begin with prayer

We read the Old and/or New Testament, aloud together

We discuss the issues in these readings

We go over our homework.  Each young person and parent is given a notebook and Bible to bring with to each class.

    Our homework is in four parts #1 Three thanks and three concerns we have had that week that we want to lift up in prayer #2 We write down any questions we have had that week about the Lord #3 We write down four things we remember about the previous class #4 We write down our weekly memory verse in our notebooks with the chapter and verse number attached

Pastor Amy does all the homework with the youth, she will have questions (see #2) for the group. For instance: What is communion?  What is prayer? etc..  We will discuss.

We need to keep up with our homework.  If homework goes unfinished three times, there will be work to do; the young person will be assigned the task of writing out a longer passage from the Bible.   Pastor Amy has the option of writing out this longer passage for the next class as well.

We recite our memory verses together

We recite our memory verses alone or in pairs.  Prizes may be given out at certain junctures for this type of recitation

We read a psalm or part of a psalm at the end of class and pray.

We will go over one or two confessions of the denomination during our year-long class

We will also do fun things, musical/gospel concert, celebrating Passover with Jewish believers, a classical ballet performance and/or a play.  We will aim for a service project as well.  As regards the service project, we will be led by the Holy Spirit in this and have flexibility, keeping our eyes open to what the Lord Jesus would have us do.

If you are the parent or guardian of a young person in the class expect lots of feedback from Pastor Amy.  The key to this class is parental involvement even if you do not attend the class.

We invite all interested young people to attend!  This is perhaps not the usual course of study but I hope that it will be extremely effective.  It will really help us to learn about the Lord God.   Please keep this class in your daily prayers.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homeless Youth

Please keep in your prayers the growing number of homeless youth in our area. These are usually teens or young adults who move from friend to friend, relative to relative, staying with each for a few months at a time. What can we do to help. What is God's call to us today?

Friday, May 2, 2008


We are praying that we may be of service to the youth of our area. Do you have any suggestions or hopes in this regard that you would like to share?